Market Zimdancehall properly: Promoter

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South Africa based music promoter and Taiwa Nation boss Tapiwa Shumba says it hard promoting dancehall.

Better known as Boss Shumba, the promoter said Zimdancehall should be propelled internationally.

Boss Shumba

Boss Shumba (BS) opened up in an interview with H-Metro Entertainment reporter Zolani Nleya (ZN). Read on…

ZN: A brief about Shumba?

BS: My name is Tapiwa Shumba but I am well known as Boss Shumba.

Well, I was born in Harare and I grew up in Gweru. Growing up I had passion for music.

At some point I recall singing at church that’s when my love for music grew.

ZN: When did you fall in love with music?

BS: Well, at an early age. Having grown up in a Christian family, I used to sing in Sunday school and church choir.

Tiksen, Lady D, Platinum Prince, Single Jay, Mandis, Sarchieman

ZN: Do you specifically promote Zimdancehall only?

BS: I promote all music genres but for now the guys I am working with are into Zimdancehall zviri serious.  I do uplift all talents be it Hip hop, ma piano and even gospel.

ZN: How many artistes are under your belt?

BS: So far, I have three artistes including the likes of Tiksen, Emanexy and Lady D.

ZN: Where do you see these artistes in the next five years?

BS: What I want for my artistes is to achieve a lot, I would like them to penetrate the international music scene by working with a number of African talents. I think the goal can be achieved.

ZN: You have since embarked on live sessions?

BS: For a start I can say the response is good and it gets better with time.

ZN: Any difficulties you have faced during the lockdown?

BS: All the planned events were disturbed and our artistes’ progress was disturbed because we were looking forward to releasing a number of videos and also Lady D’s Sugar Tekupisira album. We have since put everything on hold.

ZN: Your comment on the current state of Zimdancehall music?

BS: Zimdancehall is only being played mainly in Zimbabwe so l think we need a good marketing strategy for the genre to penetrate the international scene. Comparing to South African music or Nigerian music artistes can have shows across the world and still have international audience which are likely to be familiar with their type of music.

ZN: Are your artistes receiving fair airplay back home?

BS:  Not at all and that is the biggest challenge and it also plays a big role in marketing local artistes.

Our radio djs are selective maybe because we are not at home but it’s really not fair.

ZN: What events have you lined up before lockdown?

BS: We had shows lined up for our artistes, Lady D album launch and we also planned on hosting some shows with different artistes.

ZN: Besides being a music promoter what else do you do?

BS: l am also into the Construction industry, food retail and also clothing industry for our record label and brand to remain sustained.

ZN: How supportive is your family towards your musical journey?

BS: My family is very supportive when it comes to music and even in business. I am married and blessed with one kid.

ZN: Any awards in your camp?

BS: So far from Taiwa Nation it has been a challenge getting awards because firstly we do not have artiste receiving fair airplay which becomes uneasy for us.

ZN: What advice would you give to young upcoming artistes?

BS:  Be focused, be humble, know the difference between an upcoming and being an artiste, work hard, never lose hope and put God first in everything you do.

ZN: Special shout out.

BS: Special shout out goes to all the Shumba family, my wife and everyone who is being supportive in our music industry the likes of Boss Phidza from Witbank South Africa.

ZN: Many thanks Boss Shumba.

BS: Thank you for having me as well.