I’m my own man: Potipher Mopo

Potipher Mopo

Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

POTIPHER, son to yesteryear musician Mike Mopo, reckons its unfair being compared to his father.

The 39-year-old said his father played his part and was determined to conquer and emulate him.

The pint-sized crooner, who has utilised the extended national lockdown to clear his backlog in studio, said he would not read much into the comparisons.

“Many people have been comparing my musical career with that of my father but it be honest it’s unfair to do so.


“I’m one of the artistes who believes my father played his part and right now the challenge I have is to build my own name,” he said.

However, Potipher said he was humbled by fans who wish the best from him.

“While comparisons are part of the game, I also feel humbled that people expect the best from me to the extent of comparing me with my father who is no doubt a legend in his own right.

“I’m still learning from the best even though he played his part before I entered into music.

“I simply want to continue working hard to ensure that I also achieve something of my own.

“It’s really not a challenge that I am ready to undertake and ensure that I do something for the family legacy to continue shining.

“I’m always in touch with him and recently we were together in Nyanga, our rural home,” he said.

Asked how he was sustaining his band members during the lockdown, Potipher said:

“It’s not easy because we have lost our source of income as you know that it was more of hand to mouth business.

“We have our savings but now we have exhausted our coffers nand we are not being helped by a number of individuals who have the band at heart.”


Added Potipher:

“Of course we are getting aid from people but we have since realised that we need to invest in other projects to sustain ourselves.

“We have also learnt a lot as band leaders that we need to stand for our band members in such trying times.

“As a band leader, I’m doing the best I can to help others but we are really going through trying times which calls for unity and love.”

Meanwhile, Potipher is busy in the studio working on his fourth album titled Ndimi Munotonga.

Other album that makes Potipher’s discography complete comprise Runyararo,  Ndega Zvangu  and Ngaikwane Changamire.