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Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

FILM-MAKER and entertainment consultant Taonga “CC” Mafundikwa has conceded all is not well for the creative sector but still remains hopeful.

He said the Covid-19 pandemic has left many of them struggling to put food on their tables as they lost their sources of income.

The former Small House Saga actor, who has since established himself as an events management personality and band manager for a number of groups, said there was need to improvise in such trying times.

“We are down at the moment but we still remain hopeful because we are in a crisis world over,” he said.

The former Transit Crew manager said they would remain hopeful for the Covid-19 pandemic to recede.

“We are all praying that normalcy returns so that we can be able to do our work the way we used to do in the past.

“Of course many things are now done on the Internet but it should be mentioned that the same people we used to assist are also struggling as well.

“We need Government support and arts regulatory associations must step in and come to our rescue or else we will continue struggling.”

Besides the challenges the face, Mafundikwa said it was high time celebrities think outside the box.

“This lockdown has also come as a lesson to us that we need to up our game and think outside the box.

“I have also come to a point where I realised that life is precious while material wealth don’t beat good health.”

Mafundikwa has vast experience in events management where he has established himself well.

Locally, he has managed big festivals like the Harare International Festival of the Arts among other cultural fetes.

In South Africa, he ran a number of festival before he returned home where he pursued his interests in film-making, events and management.