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Studio263 Denzel Burutsa’s S_ex tape Partner Gets Presents For Genital Rashes

Nancy, the woman who featured in Studio263 actor Jabu (real name Denzel Burutsa) has been presented with toiletries.

Here are some responses by Zimbabweans to news that Nancy got some lotion and skin care goodies after her s_x tape leaked.

Unofunga Uri kukava datya apa usingazive Uri kuriyambutsa. Some videos meant to demean a person have made people famous #ChickeninnCouple@pokellosxxy@KimKardashian

Another s_x tape to show us if the skin care worked

Next round toda kuona zvisvinu


This is the type of goodwill that shouldnt be advertised…ko vatadza kungomupa vasina kuridza pembe Zvisinei vaita basa.

Ndiri kuIndia nenhuta, pliz fill mi in, ane zveblue ndiye waJabu ka, yeke yeke. Mi and the obvious

Whilst its reaching out to those in need..the bigger picture portrayed is the promotion and rewarding of indecency, moral decadence, cultural erosion and social delinquency..its really disheartening that our communities are in ignominy.

I am still waiting for them to invite @ChickenInnZW probably @econetzimbabwe too and have Energy Mutodi host a show for them in Harare Gardens. If you’re going to make fools of yourselves, you might as well go all out!

Jabu’s mother also demanded that her son be given a NAMA award for the leaked s_xtape. Watch her in the video below: