Furious Zimbabwe Army Officer Who Toppled Mugabe Warns Bigot President Donald Trump

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade headed by General SB Moyo who announced Zimbabwe coup in November last year says it is shocked and dismayed by the statement attributed to the US President, Mr Donald Trump on the 11th of this month.

The utterances were demeaning to Haiti and other African countries.

In a statement, the ministry said Zimbabwe joins other African countries in rejecting this unfortunate characterisation of African people and countries.

“We all desire the amplification of positive relations with the USA, and would hope that care will be taken going forward to avoid jeopardizing prospects for those relations through such hurtful and prejudicial language from any official quarter in the USA,” read the statement.

The statement continued: “Zimbabwe, and we believe the majority of countries in the world, desire relations based on mutual acceptable and respect, values that serve and demonstrate the human family at its best. Bigotry and hate speech must find no place in the contemporary statecraft and diplomatic discourse.-ZBC