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Zimbabwe Opposition President Skips Border to UK After Being Granted Bail

Tinashe Jonas said being locked up in a Zimbabwean prison for a month was hell.

“I have gone through all the suffering of this world!” he told Daily Sun.

Jonas, the leader of the Ideal Zimbabwe Party, said he was bust at the Cresta Jameson Hotel in Harare in March.

He was charged with insulting and undermining President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Jonas claimed his 4-5 and other parts of his body were given electric shocks twice a week.


“I don’t know whether I’m still a man as I was also injected with something,” he said.

Jonas said although he suffered from ulcers and collapsed twice, he was denied medication. Jonas said he was bust after demonstrating on his own to inspire fellow Zimbabweans to stand up for their rights.

“I knew when I joined politics in Zimbabwe that it was about life and death,” he said.

Jonas said after he was released on bail last month, he crossed the Limpopo River into Mzansi on foot as he was being followed by intelligence officers.

He said he was supposed to report to court twice a week but he would not return to Zimbabwe until the country was free.