ED has failed public hospitals

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THE deplorable state of public healthcare in Zimbabwe shows how the government got its priorities wrong resulting in thousands of people dying from curable diseases.

By Upenyu Shayai, Our Reader

Public healthcare is now in the intensive care unit due to the serious shortage of basic medical services and medicine.

Due to lack of government funding and support, Sally Mugabe Central Hospital, a major referral centre, recently suspended surgeries and is dealing with emergencies only.

This shows how the government of the day has misplaced priorities.

The situation at Sally Mugabe Central Hospital is a reflection of the dire state of the healthcare system in the country. Other critical sectors are going through similar lean periods as the government has abandoned them.

The dreadful state of affairs at the health centres has resulted in unnecessary loss of lives due to the failure by the President Emmerson Mnangagwa-led administration to provide healthcare centres with basic medicines such as antibiotics and pain relievers.

It is sad to note that with 90% of hospitals and clinics operating without essential medicines in stock, Zanu PF officials do not care since they regularly travel to China and other countries for medical treatment.

With a majority of the people unemployed and only a third of the population on medical aid, most people are forced to seek medical attention at public health centres, unfortunately they are dying from diseases such as asthma, diabetes, cholera and malaria because the government does not care.

It is clear that Mnangagwa cannot fix the plethora of crises he created. His administration does not see the provision of public health as a priority.

The State’s duty is to ensure accessible, affordable, acceptable, quality health services are equitably distributed among Zimbabweans.