Zifa release ‘unhappy’ Warriors

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Snodia Mikiri, Sports Reporter

ZIFA yesterday ordered players who were in camp for the cancelled CHAN finals to return to their bases without settling their allowances and transport fares.

The association was involved in a standstill with coach Zdravko Logarusic on Wednesday over unpaid allowances and transport for the players who came for camp.

The players used their money to come for camp after Zifa promised to reimburse.

H-Metro gathered the players were told to return to their respective clubs while Zifa works on paying them.

It, however, emerged Zifa paid coach Loga who was vocal and ordered the players not to leave until they receive their dues.

“The players have been released. They were not given any money. They were asked to submit their EcoCash numbers for bus fares.

“Today (yesterday) the coach was not as tough as he was on Wednesday. We suspect he has been given something because he had ordered the players not to go anywhere until they receive the money.

“Today (yesterday) he said you should go home and wait for them. He was confident the players will get their money by day end but the players didn’t,” said a source at Zifa.

ZIFA had promised the players RTGS200 a day for their period in camp.

One of the players who spoke on condition of anonymity saluted the coach for fighting for their cause.

“I honestly support the coach, ZIFA should just pay us because it’s a promise. They should not take anyone’s services for granted.

“The coach stood up for us and it’s a good thing, it’s something we couldn’t have done as players.

“In as much as it is an honour to play for our country we should also get what we are promised,” said the player.

The Cameroon 2020 CHAN finals were canceled by CAF after the coronavirus outbreak.

President Mnangagwa also suspended all sporting activities in the country as the country starts work on avoiding the deadly Covid-19.