Holy Ten bemoans inconsistency

Holy Ten

Shingirirayi Mugodi, Entertainment Reporter

A Zim hip-hop artiste and producer reckons inconsistency is ruining fellow artistes’ careers.

Born Mukudzei Chitsama, the rapper believes when most of these artistes get into the spotlight, they tend to forget their fans.

“Here in Zimbabwe, the people will see through your art, the people will not hesitate to cry foul.



“When artistes fail to cling onto their natural identity, first as a human being, secondly as a family figure and as a Zimbabwean, their relevance shakes.


“An artiste could use humility as a scheme to win the people as he first walks onto the spotlight, then he will get comfortable and switch the message, they call you out” he said.


Holy Ten added:


“An artiste could use extreme tactics, public stunts or any other behaviour that is suggestive of mental disorder to make headlines, then try to bath after fame and switch the message.


“Artistes are failing to cling onto their story, to understand that this is not Hollywood.



“The story has to be defined from a Zimbabwean perspective not a foreign one, otherwise your people cannot relate.”


The 22-year-old hip-hop artiste says that he is happy to be in the music industry.


“I started music in 2016 when I was still in high school and I have always had a passion in music.


“I am happy to be making contact with other influencers in the industry.


“There is a lot to learn, especially from the moves and mistakes that have been made by those who have come before me,” he told H-Metro.



Asked how this year was like for him as an artiste, Holy Ten said that there was so much that could have been done.


“There was so much to sing about, so much emotion to convey.


“From the tears shed when Covid-19 came to wipe away our brothers and sisters from the land of living to the gratitude I hold for every Zimbabwean who retweeted, commented, shared and spread my music all over the country.


“Now I carry a thousand messages on my back standing as the leader of the youth, 2020 has been a year,” Holy Ten said.


Holy Ten said that those that  want to make it out in the music industry should not force things.


“Do not squeeze for the fame, for it is just like riding a bike for the first time, like driving for the first time.


“It does not stay as thrilling as it did when you blew up, it normalizes but problems will be unbearable if you take shortcuts, less time to develop a requisite mind set for such a platform and also use of crooked methods to attain that fame.


“You will wish you never had that spotlight, focus on the art even if it is to inspire 13 people,” he said.


He also said that he is looking forward to the festive season and will ponder and decide what to do around music.