Disabled woman in dire straits

Chiwoneso Shoriwa

Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

A 54-year-old Waterfalls woman living with disability has turned to vending away from the home of mercy she used to rely on for more than two decades, H-Metro has established.

Chiwoneso Shoriwa who used to meet visitors from Netherlands and Australia narrated how the effects of sanctions greatly affected her leaving her begging along the road a few meters away from Jairos Jiri Centre where she stays.


“Ndinoswera ndichichema kushungurudzika zvekuti StarFm radio ndiyo inotomborapa moyo wangu kana phone yangu isina kukasira kupera power,” said Shoriwa.



“I was taken to Rusape Jairos Jiri Centre at the age of two years when I got disabled due to poliomalitis.


“The love and care we used to enjoy from visitors from local and other countries wiped our tears before social media was used to tarnish our country by local and foreign people.


“Friends who used to give us a hand were threatened by some of our fellow country people leading to sanctions.


“I attended my primary education at St Faith Mission and upon completing my Ordinary Level I was transferred to Jairos Jiri Waterfalls where I got a job as a receptionist.


“Life has changed and this forced me out of the home of mercy to look for extra food through selling airtime.



“Few people tolerate people living with disability and with harsh economic conditions due to sanctions and drought we will die silently inside the gate.


“Ndikagara mukati ndinofa saka kufira pandinowonekwa nevakawanda zvirinani nekuti hama dzedu dzatiwomesera nekukumbira masanctions anorwadza isu tisingakwanise kutaura kana kumhanya,” said Shoriwa.


Born in a family of seven girls and two boys, Shoriwa urged Zimbabweans to be proud of their country rather than tarnishing it for the sake of a plate of soup.


“I wanted to express my love to my children but I didn’t get the opportunity to have a baby due to my condition and I feel blessed to spend better part of my day surrounded by children,” she said.


“God loves all nations and has allowed everyone under the earth to express the goodness of what has been bestowed in each one of us for the good of us all.



“Jairos Jiri was sent by God, Margret Chiwandamura used to comfort and took care of us and visitors from abroad like Lisa of Netherlands, Carina of Australia also so shared their love with us but hey dzavandangariro.”


Shoriwa is desperately looking for a decent home, a wheel chair, a pair of shoes suitable for her feet and food on her table.


“Ndikawanawo pekugara panoti pangu semunhu akakurira pa home ndingafare zvikuru uye ndakapedzisira kupfeka hembe itsva kare kare,” said Shoriwa in tears.


“My wheel chair needs attention as well as my crutches for free movement.


“I sometimes starve in my room due to lack of food and recall the old days when people would come from time to time to address our needs,” said Shoriwa.