Vic Falls Carnival organisers clears air on AKA absence

Andrew Moyo

Music fans who were looking forward to seeing AKA performing at the recently held Vic Falls Carnival were left disappointed as the rapper failed to make it to the gig.

While details for his absence were a bit sketchy on the day he was supposed to perform, The Sunday Mail managed to catch up with the carnival’s spokesperson Darryn Lee who shared more information on the situation.

As it turns out, the rapper had been booked elsewhere on the same date and ended up making extraordinary demands to the carnival organisers which then led to the cancellation of his performance last minute.

“The day before his performance at the carnival he demanded an extra two business class seats, additional to the two required in his contract which had been agreed upon months before the carnival,” said Lee.


“The deposit was paid and his management confirmed he would be at the Carnival on the 30th. His flights, for himself and team, were booked and changed a few times at their request, an additional cost to the carnival but this was done in good faith.”

On 29 December there was an agreement between both parties on the two additional business class upgrades.

“AKA’s management then requested that full payment be made as well otherwise he would not make the show. This was too much of a risk for the organiser so it was declined and as per the contract would be paid once he was in Vic Falls on the day of the performance.

“It is now clear that AKA and his management had no intention of performing at the carnival as he had triple booked on the day and could not make the flight and return in time for another event. We have also discussed with other promoters and this has happened a few times so it seems to be their modus operandi.”

Lee added that in the lead up to the campaign for the carnival, they had requested numerous P.R elements and support from AKA but these were all declined.

“They had no intention of performing and didn’t want to make it public that they would be at the event when they had already decided they wouldn’t.

“His management are now refusing to return the money already paid and cover the cost of the flights as they are in breach of contract.

“The organisers are taking further action with their lawyers but we feel this needs to be made public as he is undermining the events industry and taking advantage of fans as they purchase tickets to events to see him and are left disappointed.”