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Marry demands US$40 000 maintenance

Mathew Masinge, Court Reporter

VICE-PRESIDENT President Constantino Chiwenga’s estranged wife, Marry Mubaiwa, has made sensational demands to pave way for the pair’s divorce.

Marry has tabled a US$40 000 spousal maintenance claim every month, US$7 500 for the three minor children each month plus an international, regional and local holiday allowance for each child annually.

She also revealed that her marriage to the Retired Army General still subsists after she allegedly rejected a divorce token (gupuro) from a go between who presented it to her in foreign currency which in her view was not acceptable against customary laws.

Below is her response to acting President Chiwenga’s divorce application;


“Defendant (Marry) claims in reconvention maintenance for the three minor children, the equivalent of US$2 500 calculated at the interbank rate prevailing on the date of payment until each child attains the age of majority or become self-supporting…

“Defendant (Marry) claims in reconvention personal maintenance in an amount equivalent to US$40 000 per month payable in Zimbabwe dollars calculated at the interbank rate prevailing on the date of payment until her death or remarriage,” claimed Marry in her papers.

She is also seeking to have the courts order acting President Chiwenga ordered to pay for the minor children’s other needs.

“The plaintiff must pay the entire school account in respect of each child at a catholic school including school fees, levies, top-ups, costs of extra-lessons costs of all extra-curricular activities, costs of school and sports uniforms, sports equipment and all other school related costs.

“That plaintiff pays for the defendant and her children annual holidays; one fully expensed international holiday per annum at a five-star facility inclusive of spending money of not less than the equivalent of US$25 000, one fully expensed regional holiday per annum at a five star facility inclusive of spending money of not less than the equivalent of US$15 000, one fully expensed local holiday per annum and spending money of not less than Z$25 000 per person,” said Marry.

The former model has also demanded that her husband compensate her for the 2018 injuries she sustained during the Bulawayo bombing.

“That the plaintiff (acting President Chiwenga) pays the defendant’s cost for reconstructive surgery and all other medically associated costs arising from the injuries she suffered from a bomb blast in Bulawayo whilst she accompanied plaintiff on his party activities and that the plaintiff provides the defendant with an internationally recognised medical aid cover until her death,” she said.

Marry has also claimed that most of the acting President’s assets are registered in his relatives’ names.

In another application for custody, the acting President has accused his wife of being a drug addict who also performed rituals by bringing ‘witch doctors’ at their Borrowdale Broke home.

It has also emerged that Marry, who is on ZWL$50 000 bail for attempted murder, fraud and money laundering, surrendered one diplomatic passport as a bail condition, and retained two other valid passports.


She is also believed to be in possession of a third ordinary passport and has been accused of not being candid with the courts.