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Man Bashes Wife For Keeping Condoms In Handbag

A Harare man severely beat up his wife after he caught her redhanded with condoms she was keeping in secret in her handbag.

It is reported by the local tabloid H-Metro that, Abel Mutumwa assaulted his wife Nyeyai Gatsi after he had found condoms in her handbag, which only suggested that she was cheating on him.

The matter only came to light when Gatsi approached the court applying for a protection order against her husband whom she sensationally accused of physically abusing her.

The court heard that Gatsi had only gone forward to buy the condoms on the basis that she was protecting herself from Mutumwa, whom she claims was having extramarital affairs and not using protection.

”My husband assaults me every time I ask him about his extra-marital affairs.  discovered last month that he was cheating on me and that’s why I decided to keep condoms to protect myself from him. I can’t continue to live with an abusive husband. I am protecting myself because I don’t want to be infected with diseases. I saw a message he sent to his girlfriend saying he does not want to use protection and this hurt me so much,” said Gatsi.


Appearing before Magistrate Tafadzwa Miti, Mutumwa did not deny the allegations that had been put forward by his wife but stated that what had fueled him was the fact that she had not answered him after making an inquiry.

” I assaulted her because I had asked her why she was carrying condoms in her handbag and she refused to answer me. Since we got married, I have never had an affair with other women and I am faithful to her,” said Mutumwa.

The court ruled in favour of the complainant and granted Gatsi a protection order.