PIC:Kadoma Graveyard Turns Into S_ex Bedroom & Shebeen

Kadoma residents have raised concern to the council after the city’s youths have desecrated the cemetery, turning it into a sanctuary for drugs and illicit s_ex.

According to the H-Metro, the city’s youth are among the ones alleged to have defiled the sacred place of rest, which is just adjacent to Kadoma General Hospital. The abandoned cemetery, which now only has reserve graves was decommissioned by the council a few years ago after it was no longer able to accommodate more graves.

Residents lashed out against the council for its negligence on social media, stating that the council should have taken the effort to fence the sacred place.

In some of the photographs, empty bottles of opaque beer are strewn all over the place, which betray the activities that have become common in the cemetery.

Tinarwo Mafukidze (63) expressed his disgust towards the youths who have made the cemetery a hive for illegal activities, such as indulging in s_ex and illegal drugs.


” It is shocking how people can have intimacy inside a graveyard, they should at least show some respect for the dead. During our days it was unheard of that people can have s_ex in a graveyard,” he said.

Kadoma mayor, Alderman Action Nyamukondiwa yesterday said that the council was moving swiftly to address the matter as plans to construct a security wall where underway.

” The housing department is going to clean up the cemetery and in our 2019 budget we have put money for construction of ‘ durawall’ (security wall),” he said.