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Econet Contributes $5 Million Towards Cyclone Idai Relief

Strive Masiyiwa with Bill Gates and Dr Paul Farmer at a Forbes event.
Strive Masiyiwa with Bill Gates and Dr Paul Farmer at a Forbes event.

Econet Zimbabwe group of companies have collectively contributed RTGS$5 million for the cyclone emergency efforts in Eastern Zimbabwe.

The company has channelled the funds to Higherlife Foundation, which is now deeply embedded in efforts to respond to the crisis.

Dr Kennedy Mubaiwa (MD), who heads the Foundation, said Higherlife was mobilising various types of support, including rescue efforts, medical emergency aid, food, water and blankets.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe CEO Mr Douglas Mboweni said each company in the group was pursuing coordinated initiatives based on its own capabilities.

“We are not just providing money but we want all our staff of more than 5 000 to help in some way, using their skills,” he said.


He said EcoSure, the group’s funeral insurance company, was providing free assistance with funeral services such as coffins, transport and food to each bereaved family with no cover.

He also said Mutare Bottling had opened its warehouses to allow logistics support for humanitarian aid coming from Econet subscribers, adding that MARS Ambulance was providing ambulances, air and helicopter support.

Meanwhile, Mr Mboweni said Econet subscribers had responded overwhelmingly to calls for donations in cash and kind.

He said Econet Shops had been receiving blankets, water bottles, dried foods, and medicines.

“We are seeing the best of Zimbabweans coming together in the face of an extraordinary tragedy,” he said.

He urged the public to step up its support, reminding people to remember that it would take a long time to help the affected communities to recover.