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Failed Glory Fire Church Director Simbarashe Chikanza Exposed In Leaked Email

A shocking email between a United Kingdom-based asylum seeker ,failed Glory Fire Church director Simbarashe Chikanza   and his zimeye team exposes  his toxic desire for money. He always always denied that his actions are motivated by money.



An email made public by  Gift Kugara-Mawire on his social media page exposes 41-year-old Chikanza of Leeds as a money-driven individual who has not only duped the National lottery fund to set up a vile blog trading by the name Zimeye.

Chikanza claims to be a journalist . However, he has no formal qualifications in the profession in which he says he loves so much and yet he has used his tools to harrass and bully other citizens .


In the email dated 3 December 2012, Simbarashe Chikanzi is seen furious at the lack of advertisements from Zimbabwe’s opposition Movement for Democratic Change party.

Jealousy Chikanza attacks MDC for snubbing his own outfit ahead of and when placing commercial adverts.


Chikanza was once a director in a church-based in Yorkshire .He failed in his administrator  to and had his position terminated leadingh decision to approach the National Lottery seeking money to start a community project. He is often seen with a begging bowl asking for £5 donations from the public despite racking in thousands of pounds monthly in google advertisements.

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