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Top Secret Gukurahundi Massacre Report Unearthed – Victims Include Jonathan Moyo’s Father

Botswana-based INK Centre for Investigative Journalism unearthed a secret report that details gruesome extra-judiciary killings of the people of Matebeleland by Mugabe’s Fifth Brigade soldiers in the early eighties. The report was created by Oxfam  at the request of then Prime Minister Robert Mugabe.

Mugabe never made the report public, the non-governmental organizations that prepared teh document also kept the document under seal until the INK reporters traced one copy of the dossier to a library at the University of Oxford; another copy was found at the University of Cambridge.

The report has gruesome firsthand accounts and name of victims including Job Melusi Mlevu a ZAPU Councillor who is listed as having been killed on 22 January 1983 at a place called Kedajahe in Tsholotsho.


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  • The report was created by Oxfam at the request of then Prime Minister Robert Mugabe?????