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Woman throws ring at ex in court after order to pay him more than £180,000

LONDON- A Zimbabwean woman flung her engagement ring across the court when she was told to pay her ex more than £180,000.

Bitter separation ... Trish Garikayi and Wisdom Penfold

Bitter separation … Trish Garikayi and Wisdom Penfold

Trish Garikayi, 37, was enraged at losing the costly legal battle with businessman, Wisdom Penfold,

She earlier claimed to be a “kept woman” and insisted that the money, like the luxury goods he lavished upon her, was a non-returnable gift.
After the judge ruled against her, she hurled the £2,500 diamond ring across the courtroom towards her former fiancé.
But Penfold, who said she spent his money while he was blinded by love, calmly picked it up and handed it to his lawyer.
Their six-year relationship fell apart when he caught her with another man, Central London county court was told.
They met in 2009, got engaged in 2013 and planned to buy a home and begin a family, the judge heard.
Penfold paid a £35,000 deposit, refurbishment costs and two mortgage payments on her home in Guildford, Surrey.
Nurse Garikayi claimed she was a kept woman who received gifts of luxury cars and a £100,000 bracelet.
But Penfold said he gave her only a designer coat, shoes and “the little pink M&S pigs” she liked.
He did pay £218,000 into her account for their future home.
But she claimed she saw it as a gift and bought a £91,000 house with it in Zimbabwe.