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Zimbabwean Man Abandons UK Life to Become Chief

CHIRUMANZI – A young Zimbabwean who survived on part time jobs in the UK has abandoned the glittering life to become an acting chief in Chirumanzu following his father’s death in July.
Joseph Zishiri (46), the youngest and only surviving son of the late Chief Hama confirmed  that he is not going back to the UK after he, as the only surviving son was appointed acting chief.
His reign will run for two years only when the substantive chief would be appointed.
Zishiri came back to Zimbabwe when his father was ill. Chief Hama died in July this year.
Chirumanzi District Administrator (DA) Tapson Chivanga said preparations are underway for the official appointment of Zishiri as the acting Chief Hama.
 “I am the only surviving son of the late Chief Hama, so I could not have given up my father’s throne. It’s in accordance with our Shona culture and it should be respected. I will walk in my father’s footsteps to fulfill the desires of his heart on good leadership,” he said.
Asked whether he was going to make as much money as he was making in the UK, Zishiri said he was not employed but had enough savings for his upkeep.He was also asked whether he is not going to miss the lifestyle he enjoyed in the UK and he said he enjoyed being in his country of birth more than luxuries in the diaspora.
Midlands provincial chiefs’ council chairman Chief Ngungubane who is Zana Mkwnanzi, urged the people under Chief Hama’s jurisdiction to respect and work harmoniously with the acting chief

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