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Condom prices shoot up to $12 as Zimbabwe crisis continues

Prices of contraceptives have gone up sharply and people have since been urged to seek services at public health institutions as they are available for free.

The price of some brands of condoms has increased from $3 to as much $12 a packet while the cheapest brand, Protector Plus which used to cost 20 cents, is now selling for $1 a packet.

The price of the emergency contraceptive pill has increased from $5 to $15 and is not available at many pharmacies.condomSpeaking during a s3xual reproductive health rights media advocacy workshop in Mutare, Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council executive director Dr Munyaradzi Murwira, said contraceptives are available at public health institutions for free.


“I think people should be aware that the largest provider of family planning services in the country is the public sector. People can seek services at government clinics and hospitals as well as councils’ health institutions. “These health institutions provide contraceptives including condoms for free,” said Dr Murwira. He said only those who can afford to pay should seek such services from the private sector.


“Normally, those who go to the private sector are people who can afford the services and as such we urge most people to make use of the public facilities where all services are available for free or at a nominal cost,” said Dr Murwira.

He dismissed fears that people may fail to access contraceptives saying public facilities have adequate stocks.