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Time for Chamisa to gain rural votes

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa yesterday giving evidence on the post-election violence on August 1, 2018 before a commission of inquiry

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa should remember that any cent spent in an urban area is a vote lost in strategic, stable, enduring and winner determinant rural area.

Most voters in urban areas are generally more educated than rural voters and can easily distinguish false propaganda from facts and true ideology. Rural voters are easily misled by false propaganda and can easily be hoodwinked by agricultural free inputs or bottles of beer than urban voters who can afford to buy for themselves, hence Zanu PF is capitalising on rural poverty as it is political capital which Chamisa is ignoring!

We as the New Patriotic Front are not jealous, but trying to honestly help Chamisa win the 2023.

Any love for urban rallies by Chamisa is a love for defeat by Zanu PF again. When I say Chamisa should completely forget about urban voters, I mean he should completely forget about urban rallies.

Already Chamisa has more support in urban areas, so it is now time for him to concentrate on rural areas.


Chamisa should simply put more effort to gain majority rural voters if he is to win in 2023 and beyond.

Since independence, Zanu PF deliberately kept people in rural areas poor so that it can easily manipulate them through food handouts.

In the process, the ruling party also wants to make urbanites poor so that they also depend on handouts. People/voters will be loyal for fear of being denied free donations by Zanu PF.

Tendai Peter Munyanduri, New Patriotic Front president