Lockdown a blessing for young fashionista

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Senior Arts Reporter
United Kingdom-based fashionista and stylist, Craig Twist , is one among a few who are counting their blessings in this Covid-19 pandemic environment.

Due to travel restrictions, fashion lovers have turned to online shopping for trendy brands.

In an interview with The Herald Arts from his base in London, Twist revealed that he has become that plug for fashion enthusiasts who have been grounded for close to six months.

“Well, Covid-19 has affected me in a positive way, it opened doors for me, it helped me introduce the concept of online shopping to Zimbabweans back home and having people to wait for their clothes and other products  to arrive from the UK,” he said.

The 32-year-old fashion stylist said Zimbabweans were catching up to buying online.

“The process of waiting for whatever they would have ordered is actually the best feeling ever of the whole process,” he said. “Due to prolonged periods of the lockdown, e-commerce has accelerated as customers avoid brick and mortar stores.”

The new shopping experience is convenient as customers shop in the comfort of their homes.

Taking advantage of technology, Twist has introduced an easy way of online shopping where he sources products for customers, packages and ships to Zimbabwe in less than 14 days.

“I study my clients’ fashion taste, body type, personality, what clothing material suits them as fashion trends,” he said. “When someone orders clothes from me, I channel all my energy into their order for them to bring that unique experience.”

What began as a passion in fashion has become a lucrative business for Twist who will soon launch his personal brand of men’s clothing.

“It started as a passion and realised that the volume of clients was growing each week,” he said. “I then decided to start charging for my services, but that didn’t stop people from ordering. It’s one of my most lucrative business ventures and most satisfying.”

Growing up in dusty streets of Kuwadzana with little choice in clothing, Twist and his elder brother inspired each other to create unique designs.

“Fashion is art and growing up in the ghetto with my brother, we used to draw sketches of outfits and shoes,” he said. “We didn’t have much access to MTV or Western magazines, so we used the power of imagination and creativity.”

This inspired him to grow his brand and help men improve their wardrobes.

Inspired by his fine taste in trendy men’s clothing and accessories, Twist will soon launch an online grooming class for men.

“I will be launching my own brand before the end of this year which will focus on corporate styling, smart casual and male grooming,” he said.