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Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

ROMEO Gasa says he is heart-broken after being constantly snubbed by organisers of Covid-19 lockdown online gigs.

The 33-year-old reckons he is being overlooked despite his musical exploits which have earned him both fame and accolades on home turf and beyond.

In an interview, Gasa said his constant rejection by online music promoters has made him stronger and hard-working.

“I’m not that bad as an artiste to be overlooked by music promoters holding online gigs during the on-going Covid-19 lockdown era,” said the Extra Valembe boss.

“If you look at some of the artistes that are being invited, I think I am also better than them.

“Of course they might doubt us as sungura artistes if we have a following on Facebook or other social media platforms but that is not the case with me.

“I have plenty of followers on social media and I can brag that I am one of the few sungura artistes who are active on social media.

“Maybe it’s a matter of having strong links or connections with those who are behind these shows but they need to consider us as well.

“I have made this public appeal so that they also consider me in future and see if I will disappoint.”

Although Gasa could not be drawn into mentioning promoters holding online gigs, US based prophet and music fanatic Passion Java,  Tinashe Mutarise of Nash TV, Ngoda TV  among others have been hosting artistes on their platforms.

“I can’t mention names or point a finger at those promoters but we all know them and where they are found.

“We might appear insignificant today but they will also need us one day and it’s high time they cast their nests wider.”

As a way to nurse his ‘heartbreak’ of being snubbed by online music promoters, Gasa said he hasn’t thrown in the towel.

“I have been busy in the studio on the lockdown and I have since released a single and video titled Munamato Wangu#Coronavirus.

“The video has been uploaded on Youtube and I am this week on Thursday (today) I will be releasing the video to the song Kudira Jecha off my latest album Tamba Iri Kurira.

“I shot the video to the song Kudira Jecha indoors in Westgate and featured Lady Storm and another dancer called Precious.

“Afterwards, I will shoot another video to the song Mashura  and I have since set aside a budget for the videos.”

Despite all his efforts to remain relevant, Gasa said he was also not spared by the economic challenges faced by artistes.

He however said good relation with showbiz drivers such as benefactors and philanthropist was now paying off.

“There are people who have been bailing us in life like Cossy Rules, Zone Link  and Blessing Jongwe better known as BJ.

“These people have been bailing us since we have lost our source of income.

“In the case of Cossy, BJ and Zone Link, they sometimes surprise us by bailing us from the blue.

“I have also learnt that there is power in networking and getting well along with others,” he said.

Gasa, who fronts a 12-piece band, said he was also sharing part of the donations with members of his outfit.

“If I get something like handouts or cash donations, I always think of my band members and they now understand the situation that we have found ourselves in.

“We are just praying that the situation will be normal soon so that we go back to work,” he said.

Meanwhile, Gasa has urged fellow artistes to be creative and improve their social media presence, especially in sungura.

The majority of then have been quiet and risk being forgotten when Covid-19 is over, accord to Gasa.

With innovation and thinking outside the box, added Gasa, sungura can still win many souls.

To date, Alick Macheso, Peter Moyo, Suluman Chimbetu and Gasa have been active on social media.

Sungura godfather Nicholas Zakaria whose corporate affairs are being run by Esteem Communications under the leadership of Takemore Mazuruse have been active on social media.