Tich Makahamadze with Macheso

Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

ALICK Macheso reckons the surge in new Covid-19 cases is a reality check but he still has faith in God.

The Orchestra Mberikwazvo boss, who has been keeping a low profile on lockdown, says “extra care” and “strict adherence” to health experts’ advice is now a prerequisite.

Speaking through his publicity Tich Makahamadze, Macheso’s camp said God knows our destiny better.


Alick Macheso

“Our destiny is now in God’s hands but we need to keep on praying and ensure that we also play our part in this fight.

“With an increase in Covid-19 cases, it has dawned to many that coronavirus is a real and the only way we can beat it is through compliance to the requirements set by Government and health expert while God is in control of the journey we are travelling in.

“As a group, we are trying our best to enlighten each other on the dangers of Covid-19 and I am glad that the band members are taking the issue seriously,” he said.


Makahamadze said they were constantly engaging and briefing their band members and fans on future plans after Covid-19 stalled their progress.

“We are glad that the band members now understand that the time we are living in are band and they are no complaining since we are all affected.

“With the showbiz industry being one of the hardest hit sectors, we have been trying by all means to stick together and map a way forward.

“As Orchestra Mberikwazvo, we are also not spared from the challenges being faced by other players in showbiz because we relied on numbers and big crowds.

“We are just leaving everything to God because as men we can’t do anything.


“As it stands, the situation is likely to drag on for some time like this if the cure or drug is not immediately found but life is at stake and we need to be cautious as humans,” he said.


Asked how they were sustaining their 25-piece band and of course Macheso’s upkeep, Makahamadze said:

“It’s not easy but with the grace of the Lord we are managing.

“We have friends and partners who have always been there for us from day one and these powerful connections are now working for us at the moment.

“There are some fans who have been doing a lot for us and we are just grateful.

“On our own, we had our own savings but they will never be enough because other sectors are equally affected like us.”


With fans expecting new music from the sungura on lockdown to ease their sorrows, it appears they might have to wait a big longer.

“We have been recording new music and a lot of progress has been done in as far as the production of our new album is concerned.

“However, we don’t have proper dates as to when the new stuff will be readily available on the market because planning has been made difficult for us owing to the coronavirus.


“We don’t know how the situation will be tomorrow owing to the new cases of Covid-19 and that alone has made our planning difficult,” he said.


However, Macheso’s camp has assured fans that they won’t be starved of new stuff for good

“If we feel the environment is conducive that we give fans something for instance a single, we are likely to do so.

“However, we have a huge following and we would try by all means that we give them something of superior quality.

“We know fans want new stuff but we are simply treading with caution and see how best we can go about it and make sure we have done something for them.

“As has become the norm, we have never abandoned our fans or starved them for ages but we are simply monitoring the situation.

“In has as far as are concerned, we have a constituency to cater for but we also believe in quality.

“In as far as shows are concerned, we are simply waiting for opportunities to hold online gigs.

“With public gatherings having been banned, we are now doing online shows when we get opportunities but you will agree with me that there is a huge difference.

“As artistes, we alos miss the live audience but we have decided to get used to this new development,” he added.

Prior to the enforcement of the Covid-19 lockdown, Macheso was reportedly in the studio working on his 12th album.

He was also monitoring his two songs – Esau and Tatenda – working on their own album.

However, all the progress was stalled by the Covid-19 pandemic.

And Macheso being the torch-bearer, he knows he can’t starve fans of new stuff.

He will be required to devise new means to ensure that fans have something new on the market, according to his handers and inner circle.