New showbiz “Ginimbi” wows patrons

Takawira Photovet Unlimited Dapi

Zimbabwean showbiz has given birth to another cash-splashing reveller whom the crowd has already named Young Ginimbi or Boss Kamwendo.

The new big spender caught the attention of merry-makers at Mashwede Village during Alick Macheso’s show in Budiriro on Saturday.

Kamwendo also brought many memories of the late James “Jimmy Jimalo” Chiyangwa who used to give Macheso money on stage.


Boss Kamwendo was mobbed and almost failed to get off the stage after splashing huge sums of cash after the Power FM show at Mashwede.

At Macheso’s show, he showered Macheso with cash until the Orchestra Mberikwazvo boss instructed his security to secure him as VVIP on stage for his safety.

Macheso also warned all cellophane recorders to mind their pockets as the gadgets are now very expensive.

“Dzamombe chayidzo kutenga phone imwechete,” said one of the revellers at Mashwede Village, only identified as Takudzwa “TK” Nashie.

Boss Kamwendo urged young people to work hard despite the challenges they are facing.

“Let’s stop complaining as youths, let us do new different things that make us generate money,” he said.