Painter sells artwork to Jay Z


Shingirirayi Mugodi

ZIMBABWEAN visual artist Moffatt Takadiwa says he was elated after meeting and auctioning his artwork to international rap guru, Jay Z.

Moffatt, whose studio is situated in Mbare, recently held an exhibition themed “Tengwe Farms” in the capital.

Moffat said he discovered his talent in art long back and that he believes it is all about solving problems.


“I guess art is all about solving problems.

“Each and every time I am in the studio, I am surrounded by problems of which my main task is to solve them and create more problems.

“This translates to reality as many artists are surrounded by real life problems and they wish not only to solve them but to also communicate about various challenges,” he said.

Moffatt said he has been working with so many international galleries and they have been helping with his work.

“I work with various international galleries and they help in marketing my work and I do not worry about making my work known, marketing it or placing it in various collections.

“I am more concerned about just making the work communicate to people,” he said.

Asked how he felt about his artwork being sold to Jay Z, he said:

“I am more comfortable with the word collected not sold because this is beyond a commercial transaction maybe that is why it is worth talking about in the first place.

“Through my international representation, we have been building a huge attention to my practice and my work has been in various important collections.

“Jay-Z and Beyoncé are just among the A-list of top celebrities also building a beautiful collection of both Afro- American and African artists.”


Moffat said it is very important when there is a peer recognition and when people of colour support each other.

“We all share struggles of African people and we should always look back and support other upcoming talents,” he said.