Selmor honours dad with ‘Mandidzimbira’

Selmor Mtukudzi

Kundai Marunya, Arts Correspondent

Hyperactive daughter of the late Oliver Mtukudzi, Selmor, has released a song “Mandidzimbira” in honour of her father.

The song describes the ordeal of losing her father on January 23 last year.

The Mtukudzi family spent the day yesterday at the music icon’s resting place in Madziwa.

“It feels like yesterday when I lost my father and I’m yet to come terms with it,” she said. “I have a song called Mandidzimbira which I have just released. It’s available on YouTube for everyone to see exactly how I feel.”


“Mandidzimbira” can be loosely translated to “you have pained me”.

“I don’t have any way at all to deal with his death, but I’m just taking each day as it comes,” said Selmor.

“Right now it feels like it’s too soon to expect to heal completely.”

Selmor is due to release an album titled “Dehwe ReNzou” on January 31 at the Harare Exhibition Park.

Explaining how she came up with the album title, Selmor said: “When an animal is slaughtered, people take away the meat, offals and hooves (mazondo) to eat, but the skin is left as a reminder that there once was an animal like this.

The skin can be used as a mat or a blanket to shield people from the cold.”

Her father’s long-term friend Alick Macheso is expected to feature at the album launch.