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Magaya’s ‘father’ dies . . .

. . . Faces test of faith

Arron Nyamayaro

PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance ministries founder, Prophet Walter Magaya faced a test of faith following the passing on of his ‘father’ at Dandaro Thursday.

Freddie Muvirimi, who has been unwell since 2009, died while receiving treatment at Dandaro in Borrowdale. He was 58.

He is a man who walked into Prophet Magaya’s life when he was four years old and had been a fatherly figure since then.


The death of Muvirimi comes at a time when Prophet Magaya’s leadership seminar with his ministry workers had commenced and only a month after the death of his grandmother.

The man of cloth stood by his faith saying:

“We believe in the crucified Jesus Christ who lived on earth, grew in wisdom and stature, died and above all things resurrected from the dead,” said Prophet Magaya.

“So our Lord and Saviour died so as all people and when your time to leave earth comes you cannot run away.

“Holy Scriptures in the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 3 say; to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven. A time to be born and a time to die and by the passing on of my father I saw the need to celebrate his life and hold on to that which is good. The memories and good works shall be part of the holding on.

“I laid hands on thousands of people and I witnessed many receiving their healing and I did the same to my father from 2009 but this time I could not stand before his time to be with the Lord,” said Prophet Magaya.

Prophet Magaya said the funeral would not distract him from continuing with the leadership seminar saying mourners are gathered at 51 Pota Road in Waterfalls.

“I have strengthened my family ahead of this death and they are all strong to understand what has befallen us and are prepared to move on as well as leading those who fear death to believe in Christ Jesus,” said Prophet Magaya.

“The seminar will not be affected by my grandfather’s death. The devil cannot find an opportunity to distract us or weaken our faith in God by speaking to us through canal minds.

“Death, temptations, calamities, present persecutions or any to come will not separate us from the one we have given our life to and is in full control of all the programs and our situation and he is none other than Jesus Christ,” said Prophet Magaya.


Muvirimi was among the people who were attacked by robbers when they pounced at Prophet Magaya’s mother Emma’s home in Waterfalls sometime last year.

He was left nursing wounds on one of his hands and ribs. Muvirimi will be laid to rest on Saturday at Glen Forest in Harare.