Takawira Photovet Dapi

ALICK Macheso has urged parents/guardians to donate an exercise book each to help the needy in schools.

In an interview, Macheso said many parents were struggling to buy exercise books due to the rising cost of living.

“I am begging all parents and guardians, to make sure you buy just one extra exercise book when buying your child’s exercise books, so that your child will donate it to his or her teacher or headmaster on the opening of schools for those students without parents.

“Some of the parents are ill as we speak, in hospitals, some children and their parents are physically challenged, many are from child headed families, and I have seen a lot through the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society.


“We have helped many but the number is multiplying daily as many children are born in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Macheso said there was need to instil the giving culture among children.

“The reason why I am begging you to help our children to help the needy at their schools, is because this giving culture will gradually descend (to their mates) as they grow up,” he said.

Macheso also urged families to interact with their children to understand their needs.

“Thirdly, did you know that there are many things that are troubling our children where they are spending their times?

“Just because most of us parents do not socialise with our children at friendly level, we will never know.

“Our children meet suffering lives at school, at kindergartens and at churches, but they do not have the monitory or material power to help, this troubles them as they grow up,” he said.

He added:

“I will not stop helping and calling for all to help with the little you have as it will bring lifetime smiles to the needy.

“The ones we are taking care of today will care for us in the near future, so in 2020, let us help each other, let us forgive each other for 2019 wrongs.”