Social Doctor bids 2019 on high

Social Doctor

Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

Gospel musician Farai “Social Doctor” Makandanje is bidding farewell to the year 2019 on a high note following a success story of his musical journey.

Social Doctor, who burst onto the gospel music scene following the release of his debut single Buruka Uone, is a reflection of how the grace of God transformed his life in 2018.

“The song received a fair amount of airplay and the response from fans motivated me to launch my debut album Munoshamisa on October 19 last year.

“The album was produced by Lyton Ngolomi and the backing vocals done by Bethen Pasinawako and it carried songs which include, Fambai Neni, Mwanasikana, Buruka Uone, Ndimi Mwari, Kubata kwenyu, Munoshamisa, Jesu warovera and Makafanira,” he said.


In 2019, he released a single entitled Anoropafadza which featured popular gospel songstress Pastor Olinda Marowa Ziwenga and the track was accompanied by video.

“In February 2019 I released another single track Ndinotenda which featured Kudzi Nyakudya and Bethen.

“I released my second album which was launched on 19 July 2019 at a private function in Harare.

Social Doctor

“My aim is to ensure that the word of God is preached in all parts of the world. My lyrics center on issues that affect people in their day to day life and this helps the modern Christian,” added Social Doctor.

He said fans are giving him encouraging response.

“We thank God for the grace as our fan base is growing every day and the good thing is that our fan base comprise of not only Christians but also non-believers

“We are using all distribution mechanisms available to ensure that our music reaches out to as many people as we can.

“We have realized that the greater consumption of our music is on social media and this prompted us to launch a website to compliment other social media platforms.


“Kufanana naJesu is doing well on most radio stations and the way the fans are accepting is overwhelming. Since its release our fan base doubled. It is diverse in the sense that 5 producers worked on it,” added Social Doctor.

In his musical journey he has faced challenges and hailed the impact of collaborations.

“The only challenge is that of few promoters in the industry and the few available might at times want you to compromise on your doctrine so as to suit their needs of which this is the work of God and it was to be done according to his will and not to compromise just for the sake of money

“I have done three collaborations so far including Pastor Olinda Marowa, Kudzi Nyakudya and Psalmist Blessing Shumba.

“The idea is to try and tap into ones’ fan base and help each other grow.

“The impact is 50/50 as for it to work out it needs commitment from both sides to push especially after recording.

“It is unfortunate that most of the big brothers in the industry are mainly concerned about the financial incentive that comes when you do a collabo and once you are done recording some won’t even bother to post the song on their time lines.”

The growing musician said:

“We are currently working on the videos from our latest album Kufanana naJesu which we are expecting to be released starting January 2020.

“There is a single track featuring Evangelist Timothy titled Makatendeka coming through produced by Maselo


“We are now doing both digital and live music.

“Social Doctor Music is here to stay as long as I live, I will be there to minister the undiluted gospel of Jesus Christ through music.

“We are also working on the modalities to ensure that our music goes beyond the borders of Zimbabwe.”

His consistency is something to be commended and proves that he does not intend to be a one hit wonder with his album Kufanana naJesu with tracks including Jehovha Pindirai produced by Lyton Ngolomi, Gabhurona produced by Oskid,  Vauya Baba produced by Maselo, Unoda Shoko produced by Lyton Ngolomi, Mari produced by Lyton Ngolomi , Dai Waramba Uripo produced by Gift Chipisa, Dzingori Nyasha ft Blessing Shumba produced by Olin Anderson, Nyarara Kuchema produced by Lyton Ngolomi making waves.

Apart from his budding music career Social Doctor is a motivational speaker, author, and the director of Anoemak Investments which supplies electrical and plumbing equipment in Harare.