Cheating wife(36) caught pants down with garden boy(26)..SEE PICTURES

A cheating wife(36) was paraded in the open for all to see after her husband caught her red-handed in bed with Richard, a 26-year-old gardener employed by neighbours.

The sxual relationship between the wife, Nhamo Nyabusha and the gardener only identified as Richard has been going on for a while before the two were exposed.

Cheating couple

On the fateful day neighbours saw Richard entering Nhamo’s house and quickly alerted the husband because they knew that he was working the night shift.

A source who spoke to local publication H-Metro said,

…So, when we saw him sneaking into the lady’s house, we decided to call the husband who was on night shift.


He didn’t take time to come, and when he got inside the house that’s when we heard him shouting on top of his voice after he saw them having sx.

Nhamo’s husband then gave her a divorce token in front of everyone who was there and went to his young brother’s house.

The lovebirds were thoroughly bashed by locals who witnessed the drama.