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I Was A Sex Slave: Former Model Zuva Habane Reveals Traumatic Abuse Inflicted By Blesser

“I was a simple girl from Mkoba 15 with a high appetite for the lavish lifestyle,” recalled Zuva Habane, former Miss Gweru on her encounter with a blesser.

The former catwalk queen is haunted by her past experiences in the hands of a rich sugar daddy colloquially known as a blesser.

Zuva says being Miss Gweru at a tender age made her one of the most vulnerable prey to old rich men in search of young girls.

“I was Miss Gweru at a young age (17). I was very naïve, and this made me vulnerable to rich men and I fell for the trap,” she said.

Zuva got hooked up by one old man she could not name.


“I got hooked up to this other old man who practically became my new ‘boyfriend’ who did not use any protection during sex and wanted me to have a baby with him,” she added.

The former beauty queen said it took the blesser six months to reveal his true colours to her.

“Just after six months he started revealing his other shades. He slowly isolated me from my friends until I was left with only two friends, not so long the two friends were also eliminated. He made sure that I was left alone,” said Zuva.

She also added that everything seemed good even without friends until he began demanding a baby from her.

“Love became sour when he began demanding a baby from me and he made me run away from home to stay with him at his farm house far away from my family and his wife as well. I agreed and thought it was romantic but little did I know it wasn’t what it seemed to be,” she added.

Habane said the unnamed man also isolated her from her family.

“He took me out of my family home as well without my parents’ consent. I was in love so I followed his orders,” she added.

“As soon as I moved in with him he gave me so much pressure to fall pregnant but I did not want. When I told him I couldn’t have a baby with him he began locking me up in the house as he went out,” said Zuva.

From the day she was locked up in the house that’s when efforts to replace her began.

“He locked me up and went out in search of other young girls, as young as I was, but didn’t allow me to go home because he was scared I would report him to the police,” she said.


“He began bringing the girls to the same house where I stayed and had sex with them while I was in the other rooms. He did all this to get back at me,” she added.

Zuva said she then gave up on the abuse and could not take the insults anymore.

“One day I decided enough was enough then I asked for his car to go into town to do some shopping. I drove to town and left the car at Gweru Central police station where they advised me to lay charges against him but I refused then I asked them to take me home,” she said.

Zuva is now married to her childhood friend Prince Habane and the couple relocated to South Africa.

– B-Metro