Top 5 Sex_Tape Scandals That Shocked Zimbabwe

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An explicit video of a prominent Studio 263 actor has hit the internet amid amid claims of revenge porn gone wrong. Zimbabweans are asking why this keeps happening and we bring you top 5 tapes that rocked the southern Africa nation.

1. Tinopona Katsande

Tinopona Katsande

Tinopona Katsande

ZiFM Stereo has suspended DJ Tinopona ‘Tin-Tin’ Katsande after a sex tape of her romping with her ex-boyfriend went viral on the internet.

 The ex Breakfast Show presenter has been taken off air “to allow our internal disciplinary processes to take place in September 2013

2. Acie Lumumba

CONTROVERSIAL youth activist, Lumumba William Gerald Mutumanje was popularly known as Acie Lumumba had his   PORNOGRAPHIC video hit the internet in 2016.

Lumumba William Gerald Mutumanje

Lumumba William Gerald Mutumanje

3. Stunner and Pokello 

An explicit sex clip starring one of the Stunner and Pokello   went viral on local social media networks In 2012

The shocking video clip — starring contestant and Zimbabwean socialite Pokello Nare and her on-off lover, Zimbabwean rapper Desmond Chideme — emerged just days after the reality show began.

The two-minute clip shows an enthusiastic Nare playing it up for the camera and having unprotected sex with Chideme, known in his country as “Stunner”.

4.  Denzel Burutsa “Jabu” 

Studio 263 actor Jabu’s video enjoying unprotected sex with sugar mama went viral  .


5. Esau Togarepi (19) and Freedom Chakaza (23).

A SIZZLING sex-tape pitting students from the Midlands State University having a threesome at one of the male studentsa rented apartment went viral on social media.

The steamy video is showing a female student entertaining two male students with one in spectacles pokinga her from the back while at the same time repeatedly sucking another male studenta’s organ.

The two actors from the X-RATED pornographic video have been identified as Esau Togarepi (19) and Freedom Chakaza (23).

And there are more.