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Man DIES Having Se-x With Prostitute In Hotel Room

Gone too soon…

A hook_er from Roodepoort got the shock of her life after experiencing something she wished she had never seen when her client died while having se_x in a hotel room.


It is alleged that a man who bought her services died on top of her when the Heaven doors suddenly opened.

The hotel in Roodepoort where the incident happened Is well known as a se_x stadium and the man was the third one to die there while poking.


“We don’t know what these prostitu_tes are doing to them. Maybe it’s excitement that kills them,” said a hawker who trades nearby

Speaking to the Daily Sun team, the prostitu_te said that the man was on top of her when he started struggling to breath.

“I called out his name and started to speak to him but he stopped responding,” she said.

Seeing that the man was not moving, she shifted him to the side of the bed, terrified by what had just happened, she called the manager of the hotel to see the man lying motionless on the bed, and paramedics and the cops were called.

“I was shocked. This is the first time I’ve came across something like this.

“It is scary for a person to die on top of you, more so if you don’t know him,” she said.

Her fellow co-workers suggested that she has to get cleansed because she now carries bad luck.

The manager of the hotel confirmed the incident and Roodepoort cop shop’s spokeswoman, Sergeant Juliet Mogale, said an inquest docket was opened.