Kwekwe dealer pays lobola for BEV

RAUNCHY dancer, Beverly Bev Sibanda has found new love in South Africa and it has emerged that her fiance is ready to pay lobola.

The Sexy Angels boss is reportedly head over heels in love with Kwekwe-bred miner Boss Agrippa, also known as Boss Bvola who is based in Witbank.

Cozy pictures of the two have emerged with indications that they are planning to marry.

An impeccable source confirmed the affair saying Bev was over the moon after finding new love.Beverly is so excited after finding a new man in South Africa where she has settled well in recent months

By the way, Bev had vowed to take time finding new love and it appears her prayers have been answered at last

The guy is loaded, he operates a mine in Witbank where they met during one of her shows


In Zimbabwe, he comes from Kwekwe and they have been dating for two or so months even though they wanted to keep the affair under wraps” said the source

Asked if Boss Bvola was comfortable with Bev’s job and lifestyle, the source added:

“Boss Bvola has no problem with Bev’s job because when he entered into the relationship, he knew very well that Bev was a dancer

By the way, he is not married as well and the two have something in common since they are both single

I hear Boss Bvola is ready to pay lobola, but Bev has been evaluating him to find out if he is serious or not

If Bev is to marry him, she will consider what career path to take and she is ready to take her fiance’s advice as well as complimenting him”

Contacted for comment, Bev could neither confirm nor deny the affair.

The sources have also revealed that Bev is currently asking people to forgive her for her past shenanigans adding that she is willing to start on a new page.-ZOOMZIM