Total in massive rebranding drive

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Total Zimbabwe is planning to increase its investment towards rebranding, upgrading of its facilities and safety by 2015 as it seeks to grow its brand. In an interview, Total Zimbabwe managing director Christopher Okonmah said the company intends to acquire more stations next year to take advantage of the growing demand for fuel in Zimbabwe.

“We are investing about $10 million yearly in Zimbabwe but this figure, based on inflation, will increase next year as we want to extend our brand,” he said.

“We have set a minimum target of 10 stations that we will build per year in Zimbabwe as we aim to increase our market share”

Last year, total introduced the T-air system in which they upgraded their service stations to a more modern and contemporary image with technological upgrades.

Total aims to upgrade 12 filling stations to T-air by the end of this year in line with Total’s new global image.

“By next year we hope to do 20 to 25 and complete the whole 100 plus stations in the country by 2017 with this T-air image.”

He said the upgrades were costing the company a lot of money, thus it is being done in phases to manage costs.

“It has not been an easy year but so far so good it’s been a good year for us compared to 2013, we are on target with all our investments,” he said.