JUST IN: Zinwa seeks partnerships

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Fadziso Mundawarara

Herald Reporter

THE Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) is seeking partnerships with water users and eco-tourism operators for the maintenance of dams managed by the parastatal.

The authority also called on private companies and individuals interested in leasing lakeshore land which is under the parastatal’s management.

Zinwa recently flighted proposals for partnerships indicating the procedures that should be taken by interested parties.

In a statement, Zinwa said those interested in partnering the organisation in maintaining the dams would benefit from water allocation equivalent to the value of their contribution in the maintenance of the infrastructure.

“This endeavour is designed to leverage on the water users’ existing capacity including labour and machinery which can result in savings in the maintenance of the water infrastructure.

Invitation is being made to private companies or individuals interested in leasing lakeshore land. As for leasing lakeshores, there are plenty of opportunities that exist for the growth of eco-tourism facilities and these are managing hotels, guesthouses, chalets and cluster houses,” said Zinwa.

The parastatal said opportunities could benefit aspiring business minded people and private companies established in the tourism department.

“The lakeshore is a great place for wedding venues, entertainment facilities, nature reserves, gardens and golf courses.

“Any potential lessee is encouraged to approach Zinwa and indicate the potential land around dams that they wish to lease and the nature of developments or activities at our headquarters,” said Zinwa.

Zinwa operates and manages all national dams across the country among them, 250 lakes and small dams.

The parastatal is also responsible for water resources planning, development and management to guarantee the nation’s water security.