JUST IN: Police tighten lockdown regulations

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Herald Reporter
Police have tightened the implementation of lockdown measures announced by President Mnangagwa on Tuesday, with everyone without an exemption letter from their company, barred from entering Harare’s central business district today.

A number of employees reported for work late while others were turned back, as police stopped all motorists and passengers, demanding to see national identity cards and exemption letters.

Those that failed to demonstrate they offer essential services were swiftly turned back home. The situation was pretty tight at a roadblock along Simon Mazorodze Street near ZBC’s Radio Zimbabwe, and another roadblock along Rotten Row Street near the Harare Magistrate’s Court.

President Mnangagwa pleaded with citizens to stay home if they do not have pressing business and only leave to buy food or seek medication, in an endeavour to contain the spiralling Covid-19 cases, which hit 2 124 yesterday.