JUST IN: Zanu PF SA dismisses July 31 planned demo

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Wallace Ruzvidzo Political Correspondent
ZANU PF South Africa has dismissed the planned July 31 demonstrations by the opposition as mere attention seeking manoeuvres meant to cause alarm and despondency.

The ruling party’s SA district spokesperson Cde Kennedy Mandaza yesterday told The Herald that it was more productive to demonstrate against the illegal sanctions, instead of causing mayhem at a time Government is making efforts to restore the economy.

Some opposition parties, partnering with anti-Government elements and some media outlets have launched a social media campaign to mobilise their supporters and the general public to demonstrate.

“Those in the opposition such as Pedzisai Ruhanya, Jacob Ngarivhume and MDC leadership’s aim is to cause alarm and despondency in the country and as if what they have already done is not enough, to continue to paint a dim picture of hopelessness and failure of the country to the international community.

“Instead of calling for demonstrations on the 31 July people should be calling for the lifting of the illegal sanctions which have resulted in the manifestation of corruption and other unorthodox means being employed to eke a decent living,” he said.

Cde Mandaza said Government was already addressing most of the issues raised as reasons for the planned demonstrations. These include corruption, shortages, leakages of money, inflation and unemployment.

In his televised address on Saturday, President Mnangagwa said Government had moved into higher gear to face corruption head-on. In another instance the Reserve of Zimbabwe has put in place measures to stabilize the foreign currency market and these are beginning to bear fruit.

“The demonstrations are ill conceived because President Mnangagwa’s Government is fighting corruption as well as trying to address all the other challenges. He has lived up to his call that he is a listening President by creating dialogue platform for all peace loving people, and he relentlessly continues to ask people to shun corruption by reporting corruption on the basis of incriminating verifiable evidence.

“They (the issues) require the convergence of minds from all diverse groups, to proffer lasting and sustainable solutions for the country. It is through unity, peace, honest hard work and raising above selfish political grandstanding as preached daily by His Excellency President Mnangangwa that we can build the Zimbabwe we want,” he said.

Many progressive Zimbabweans have described these planned demonstrations as a waste of time meant to plunge the country into turmoil at a time when the country needs unity of purpose to fend off challenges brought by the novel coronavirus that has ravaged the world.

Cde Mandaza added that it was more important to focus on how the country can increase production while also ensuring Covid-19 is tamed.

“He has been calling upon people to engage in production as the panacea to our problems in growing the economy. Furthermore his Government has been working on rebuilding run down infrastructures such as roads and engaging both internally and external,” he said.