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General Constantino Chiwenga thesis on UKZN library shelves

Dr Constantino Chiwenga

by  Staff Reporter

  • Thanked George Charamba for assisting with the language editing of the whole thesis
  • A string of errors unearthed
  • Jonathan Moyo wrote the thesis
  • Chiwenga hosted all-night bunga-bunga parties almost every weekend for Classmates and friends
  • Paid $30 000 to classmates who did most of his  work which earned him a Book Prize at UZ
  • Lecturer  a Brigadier started the lesson by saluting Chiwenga
  • ‘I am educated now and I can run the country’, he told a gathering in South Africa

HARARE-Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantino Guveya Chiwenga  ’s controversial  thesis is now in the University of KwaZulu Natal Library barely a month after he graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy , can reveal.

General Constantino Chiwenga graduates with his PhD.

General Constantino Chiwenga graduates with his PhD.


Constantino Chiwenga  ‘s  PhD was the culmination of his freedom fighting experiences and the questions that arose thereafter resulting in his thesis, “The Predominance of an Ethic of Double Standards in the United Nations Security Council Humanitarian Intervention Missions:  A Critical study based on the Ethical theories of Mutual Aid and Equal Recognition”.Click link for thesis  Chiwenga_Constantino_Guveya_2014 or find it here, University of KwaZulu Natal Library website.

The thesis, a 321 page document only became available online on June 10 after a series of requests by theZimbabwenewslive was supervised by Dr Felix Munyaradzi Murove.


Chiwenga  thanked  Mr George Charamba for assisting with the language editing of the whole thesis raising the suspicion that he may not the original author. revealed in April that Information Minister  Prof  Jonathan Moyo had a big hand in the writing of the thesis. Moyo has not been acknowledged in this thesis.See previous report

Moyo was a professor of political science before he entered politics.

Chiwenga told UKZN that balancing national duties and research demands of the study was a key challenge but through his supportive family and friends, he succeeded and is appreciative of their significant support. It is believed that Moyo was more than supportive and wrote chucks of the thesis for his friend.


Jonathan Moyo lives in the same road and neighbourhood of Helensvale in Harare as General Chiwenga and they are reported to be very close.


The source who spoke to this paper on anonymity said, “Chiwenga worships Jonathan Moyo because Moyo is helped him with the PhD thesis. In fact, it isn’t far-fetched that Moyo wrote the thesis on Chiwenga’s behalf.”


“It’s an open secret  that Moyo assisted the General in writing the thesis, which is why the General is in awe of Moyo and feels hugely indebted to him”, said another Zimpapers senior staffer close to Moyo.

A senior staff member at Zimbabwe Staff College who spoke to theZimbabwenewslive said “There you go, anyone can write on behalf on another .The viva voce exam is meant to get a person to defend his thesis. I’m really shocked that there is no academic defence system in SA universities”.



“Chiwenga’s story of failure of the Basic Officers course at the Zimbabwe Staff College and his attempted suicide is well known in the military and it is the reason why he fell out with the late General Mujuru because Mujuru didn’t want him promoted and Mugabe took advantage of that and promoted him to feed his rivalry with Mujuru”, said a former ZNA military officer.

In the early 1980s Constantino Chiwenga was exposed for bribing a junior officer into giving him solutions for a practical Intermediate Staff Course. It is alleged the he accepted a green coded paper with suggested solutions which are available only after the exam. Chiwenga was expelled from the course after refusing to name the Major who had given him the paper. He then went on to shoot himself through a shoulder in an attempt on his life and was admitted at Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare.


“I know that the Chiwenga has always been a cheat. During the time he was doing his masters in International relations, he paid over $30 000 to classmates who did most of his  work which earned him a Book Prize .Besides how could he not grab the prize then when his lecturer was Brigadier Chinyan’anya who started the lesson by saluting Chiwenga”, said another senior saving Army Officer.


“Most of those chaps get their payments in various ways… just like the $30000 I referred to above… it was paid to UZ as fees  and  going to Chiwenga’s house for all-night bunga-bunga parties almost every weekend”, he added


Chiwenga reportedly told a gathering that he was ready to rule since he was now educated. Senior politicians in Zimbabwe have, of late, been obsessed with attaining higher academic degrees. There was controversy last year when the First Lady Grace Mugabe was awarded a PhD by the University of Zimbabwe in shady circumstances. Education and a higher academic degree are seen as providing validation for promotion to higher political office. Chiwenga also dumped his old wife and married a young, former model and critics say all this is in preparation for higher office.

Efforts to get a comment from Dr Murove were fruitless as he repeatedly ignored emails from the theZimbabwenewslive.