‘Second line ARV drugs available at polyclinics’

Dr Prosper Chonzi

Fiona Ruzha

HARARE City Council has cleared air on the shortage of second line antiretroviral drug at its clinics, which has sparked fears of drug resistant HIV strains.

Patients who contacted this publication after visiting Western Triangle clinic said there were turned away because the satellite clinic had no second line treatment of HIV.

The city fathers who of late have been facing challenges with keeping nurses at work following their industrial action citing incapacitation.

Second line treatment which is given to those who would have problems with the first line treatment.


However, the City Health Director Dr Chonzi insists that the drug is available though it is not commonly found at satellite clinics but only at polyclinics.

“It is very unfortunate for them because as Council we have made sure that the second line treatment can only be accessible at polyclinics not satellites though before we used to. And at satellites (clinics) they can access first line treatment.

“However, it now differs with how stable the patient is because some may collect their medication every month, some after three or six months.

“Above all, the situation is very stable and we have been receiving ARVs from the Government through NatPharm,” he said.

Meanwhile, City Council through its long standing partnership with Aids Healthcare Foundation has been receiving portable cabins to provide additional consultation space for people living with HIV at the clinics.

Dr Chonzi said the council was striving to capacitate hospitals and clinics so that they provide seamless services to patient.