CRSL sets new affiliation fees

Givemore Makonye in Gweru

As preparations for the 2020 soccer season gathers momentum across the ZIFA Central Soccer League, the football governing body has announced new affiliation fees for the new season inviting mixed reactions from clubs across the Midlands and Matebeleland  South Provinces.

Following their annual meeting at Midlands State University in Gweru over the weekend, the association set affiliation fees for old and new clubs whilst it also reviewed upwards the player and technical officials registration fees.

New clubs will fork out ZWL53852, 50 as affiliation fees. They will also be required to pay ZWL14084, 50 for players and technical staff registration. Old clubs will pay ZWL47224.50 as affiliation fees whilst they will also pay the same figure as that paid by new clubs for players and technical staff registration.

Whilst ZIFA Central Region’s chairman explained how the association arrived at the figures, some clubs especially those which have been struggling financially feel that the new fees might drive them out of the league.


One of Gweru’ top Administrator Polite Sibangani described the fees as unaffordable for most clubs which do not have strong financial muscles. He warned that if some clubs fail to pay the affiliation fees, this would resultantly compromise football standards in the region.

“Whilst the association has tried to justify the fees hike, I feel that some clubs will not manage the figure in time before the set deadlines “,Sibangani reiterated.

Meanwhile the association also set 21 February as the deadline for new clubs whilst old clubs are expected to have fully paid their affiliation fees by February 28. According to the letter circulated to all clubs, there will be no room for clubs that fail to pay:

“Please be advised that only fully paid up members will be eligible to take part in the 2020 season,” the letter emphasised.