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Studio263 Jabu’s Se_xtape Partner Nancy Washes All The Dirty Linen In Public

NANCY Masiyambiri, the 30-year old Harare woman whose s_xtape with Studio263 actor Jabu (real name Denzel Burutsa) leaked some days ago, has claimed she actually has unprotected sex with Jabu several times before.

Nancy also accused Jabu of attempting to extort her of US$500, saying he would release the video unless she gave him the money.

“We have been dating with Jabu for almost two years, although it was an on-off kind of relationship. But I was shocked about the s_extape,” Nancy told top tabloid H-metro.

“I asked Denny (Denzel Burutsa) about the video and he told me not to worry because zvinopfuura, but I am very worried. I have a boyfriend in China and he is the one who takes care of me,” she confessed.

“Now my pastors have disowned me. I thought the video was only circulating in Goromonzi but i was shocked when someone in Australia sent it to me. The video was shot in December last year.


“My friends have been saying the tape is filthy. My landlord has advised me to stay in the house.”

Nancy said after the video leaked, Jabu kept calling her asking if his face was visible.

“He kept calling me asking if he was visible, but I was afraid to go on social media. When I ecentually went on social media I found it was everywhere. I felt so bad I even contemplated suicide.

“I thought dying was better and even rushed to the dam but was saved by some police officers.

“Denny told me to shut up and deactivate my social media accounts as he had done the same. The comments people made were really nasty.”

On allegations that she looked sick, Nancy denied.

“I was hurt to hear some say I have HIV, but I am clean. Denny donates blood regularly and is also clean of HIV. He also has a self-test kit and we regularly test each other. The reason why we have unprotected sex is because we test each other regularly.”

Nancy also dismissed rumours that she was much older than Jabu.

“I am actually 11 years younger then him. He is 41 and I am 30 years old.”

Nancy said the pimples on her privates are due to friction as she is of heavy built.


“If you Google it, you’ll find that thick women can have that problem. I am not dirty at all. It’s just that pakati pemakumbo angu pari dark, but I am clean. But truly, those comments that I am dirty and have AIDS hurt me a lot.

“Denny does not smoke mbanje kusvika pakuita unprotected sex nemunhu ane chirwere. We have been having unprotected sex for one and a half years. Those comments hurt me a lot.

“Denzel kusvika pakuita unprotected sex moti anopenga here? Anoziva zvaari kuita and he donated blood recently. He knows I am HIV negative. Denzel anototyawo AIDS paari ipapo.

Denzel Burutsa aka Jabu

“I used to be fat weighing 102kg, but now I am on 98kg. He feels happy to have sex with me because he knows kuti vakadzi vari fat vanoita sei. People think I am a cheap whore.”

Nancy revealed it was certainly over between her and the China-based boyfriend.

She said it was unfair that people were sympathizing with Denzel and attacking her only.

“Denzel also took a picture of me whilst I was naked some time back. He then used it later on to try and extort money from me, saying he would release it if I declined.

“I then bribed him not to release the picture. Then in November 2017 we had an altercation in public and I embarrassed him.

“I was running a shop during that time and I paid him $100 bond bribe so that he delete the picture. he then pestered me again and we became lovers. My friend warned me against continuing the relationship but Denzel was so charming.


“He was hard to resist. He would come to my house at 2am or even 4am since we stay in the same neighborhood. I was stupid to continue the relationship.


“It was during this time that he would take photos and videos of us hanging around or having sex. He took them without me aware.”

Whem asked who leaked the video, she said: “I am a single mother of two, and I have a two-bedroomed house. One of my kids sleeps in another room and I sleep with the other kid in the other room.

“So when we were having sex I would always be checking kuti mwana haamuke here. I think that is when Denny would set his videos. I was truly unaware he was recording.

“In any case he would never have done it with my knowledge because he knew we were no longer in good books.


“So I have a friend called Luciana Dube; on Facebook she calls herself Lucy Ruru. She used to be my friend but we were no longer in good books. Denny must have taken the videos to Luciana because he knows we are no longer friends.

“Denny is always broke and is a desperate man …. I am not trying to malign him but that is the truth, he can do anything for money. So he took the video to Luciana and they threatened to release them if I did not give Denny US$500.

“It was Luciana who actually called me threatening to embarrass me. They planned to make money from me, thinking Denzel’s face was not visible.

“Unfortunately, Denny is popular and people recognized his face. The tape went viral because Denny is popular. I am not even known.”

Nancy was given toiletries by well-wishers on Wednesday.

She regrets the tape.

“The tape is dirty and filthy. Dai ndaida sex tape ndainyatsgadzira rakanaka and i have some weave and wigs. But iye aida pakati pemakumbo because aiziva kuti akati ndipe mari, ndaimupa.”

Following the humiliation they both suffered, Nancy said she was moving on.

“Honestly, I forgave Denzel, I don’t have bitterness against him, ehe zvaaida kuita zvakaita , what I did was wrong, ndiri kungotongwawo naMwari, nezvandakita. But people were not aware of what was happening, they thought ndikuda kutozvitsvagira mbiri, but hautsvage mbiri nechinhu chinonyadzisa kudaro.


“Even Luciana wacho I have forgiven her, but chakazondirwadza ndechekuti, mwana akatodzorwa kumba (from school), I can’t even buy bread, I am moving out of the house I have been staying.

“I am now an outcast in the society whilst he is okay.

“He is married and his wife is a good person, we don’t know each other, she is a good woman.

“I don’t want him arrested, handimbomusungise. When I told him handichade last week he said he wanted US$500 but my friend told me kuti usamupe mari, munyengerere kuti asabuditse.” — Source: H-metro