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Madzibaba in public HIV test

BULAWAYO- BASED Madzibaba Emmanuel Mutumwa of Johanne Masowe Echishanu undertook a public HIV test prior to his birthday last week.

The young prophet, who turned 27 years last week, decided to open up to his followers regarding his HIV status.

Said Madzibaba Emmanuel:

“I am delighted to see church yechipostori ichisimudziridzirwa after being labelled with all sorts of names by other churches.

“I want to take the church to another level and I was shocked to receive a car as a birthday present from my congregants.

“It shows church haina kusara and we are doing the right things.”


Added Madzibaba Mutumwa:

“I encourage all my congregants to behave themselves, have discipline because nyika yatiri yakaipa.

“Vanhu vanofanira kuzvibata and the church was happy to see their leader getting tested and coming out with negative results.

“So tiri kurova basa tichienda mberi and Christians should be tested and stayed vachiziva pavamire.

“We denounce all those churches who insult our church, this is the church of the people and isu hatisi varombo, we are also important, and churches can say negative things about our church but we are moving forward.

“And those who curse our church should remain silent and i am pushing the gospel of Johanne Masowe forward,” he said.

Meanwhile, Madzibaba Mutumwa will be touring some areas preaching the gospel.

His results

“I will be having tours to areas like Mberengwa, Mugamini in Bulawayo and I have a wish to tour the whole country preaching the true gospel of God.”


Source – hmetro