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Robert Zhuwawo nude picture and video have gone viral on social media sparking

…Zhuwawo’s lawyer on nudes

Former President Robert Mugabe’s nephew and show promoter Robert Zhuwawo’s nude picture and video have gone viral on social media.

While H-Metro does not know who leaked the video and picture, the publication has established that Zhuwawo had sent the nude picture and video to his then lover Savannah Samakonde.

The nude picture and video have trended in WhatsApp groups while the initial leakage occurred on Facebook in a group with 36 000 members.

Contacted for comment, Robert referred all questions to his lawyer, Advocate Isiah Mureriwa who said they were building a case against the person who leaked the video.


“We have been briefed to manage this situation and we are working on it.

“This is obviously an abuse of the person of our client and we will be filing a court application to interdict the abuse and seek appropriate relief from the courts,” said Adv Mureriwa.

In one of the videos, Robert was naked while standing on a mirror while in another he recorded himself after taking a bath.

“Hey babe wauchida kundiona ndageza ka, I told you I will send, zvinhu zvako, that’s me, ndageza.”

Earlier, before posting the nudes, Savannah is said to have gone live in one of the groups named Pahushamwari Hwedu where she was praising Robert for being a responsible man, stating that is why she loves him:

“Whatever zvandakataurirana naRobert no one knows and no one was there, Robert is a family man, murume.

“I am surprised why a post has been put on this group because Robert always posts his wife, he post about his family.

“They tag each other, so zvekuti Robert anyorera happy birthday message to his wife that’s not something new.

“Ende ndozvandakatomudira zvacho izvozvo, because he is a family man, he is a very good dad and husband.

“Kana ndichitsvaga murume, handidi munhu anodisser mukadzi wake, ndakatomudira izvozvo zvekuposter mukadzi wake.


“I am no longer in a relationship with Robert, I am seeing someone, it’s finished.

“Savie is a middle name, it’s one of my names.”

After the video and a confrontation on Facebook, she then allegedly leaked the nudes.

The nudes have attracted mixed feelings from social media fanatics.-h-metro