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Killer Zivhu Builds House for Mwenezi family

A MWENEZI family with four physically challenged children is set to have a proper home of their own after they received 30 000 bricks to construct a house, pledge to build the house and blankets.

Born physically challenged, Nhamo, Isheanesu, Rabison Gonamombe and Richard Muchamiri struggle to move from one place to another and they cannot cater for their own needs.

The Killer Zivhu Foundation last Thursday donated the building material and will ensure the house is built under the foundation’s aegis at their rural home in Mwenezi East.

The four physically challenged children live with their mother – Dzosai Chihota.

The foundation founder and MP for Chivi South Killer Zivhu said he had been touched by the video of the four children which circulated on social media and he decided to assist them financially.


Dr Zivhu hands over bricks to Mwenezi District Administrator Rosemary Chingwe for the construction of the house

“I was approached by many people after they watched the video on social media, some even tagged me on my social media pages. That’s how I got to know about their situation and I decided to help.

“I was also helped to be where I am today, hence helping others has been part of my life,” Zivhu said.

Zivhu is appealing to the government to give him a farm where he could build a home for the less fortunate as well as a school where the less privileged could go to school while farm produce would contribute to the bulk of their food.

“If I manage to get a farm I could take these disadvantaged children to one place where they would also attend school and live from the farm produce.

“With enough land the Killer Zivhu Foundation would be bigger and better,” said Zivhu.

Zivhu pleaded with fellow Zimbabweans to help in constructing the house for the Mwenezi family.

“If we join hands, the house will be constructed in a short period of time. These people need our help,” he added.

Chihota was grateful.


“I struggle to take care of these children own my own since their father passed on.

“I do everything for them and I can’t even travel or go to the fields because someone is supposed to take care of them always.

“Now that people are coming to help, the burden has been made lighter,” she said.

Mwenezi East District Administrator Rosemary Chingwe explained how she got to know about the family’s situation.

“(One) Taruvinga Shumba is the one who called and informed me about the issue and I then visited the place and recorded a video which went viral.

“The video strategy helped because some were moved and they are helping the family for instance the Rotary Club which donated wheelchairs,” Chingwe said.

Chingwe said Zivhu was the only Member of Parliament who had helped the family so far.

For all those who are willing to help the family contact Mwenezi East District Administrator on 0775 162 675.-H-METRO