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SADC countries to implement satellite sharing system

Mario Oliveira

LUANDA. — The implementation of a satellite sharing system would boost the sustainable development of the African continent, Angola’s Secretary of State for Telecommunications Mario Oliveira said Monday at a seminar of the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

The system would enable African people to have quicker access to information, Oliveira said, adding that it would mark an important step for SADC members to enter the space industry.

Oliveira also said Angola plans to resend a national satellite into orbit in the future, despite the failed launch of its first geostationary satellite the Angosat-1 in 2017.

George Ah-Thew, SADC senior coordinator for science, technology and information, said SADC countries are drafting the policies for the satellite sharing system.

SADC is a regional economic group established in 1992 made up of 16 member states, whose goal is to reduce poverty in and develop the economy of the southern Africa region. – Xinhua