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Murder scandal captivates Lesotho

Maesaiah Thabane

MASERU. – Police in Lesotho, who are investigating the killing of the prime minister’s estranged wife in 2017, say they may ask international law enforcement agencies to help them track down the country’s First Lady Maesaiah Thabane.

She has not been charged, but police wanted to question her in connection with a case that has the people of Lesotho talking and has heightened speculation about the mysterious death of Lipolelo Thabane, the former first lady.

At the time there was no love lost between Lipolelo Thabane and PM Thabane’s then-fiancée, now wife.

Both women claimed they were Lesotho’s rightful first lady.

In the end, the courts ruled in Lipolelo Thabane’s favour, saying until her divorce, she should keep the title.


PM Thabane, who married Maesaiah three months after Lipolelo’s death, has not been unscathed by the latest controversy.

His party, the governing All Basotho Convention (ABC), wants him to resign after recent revelations by the police – contained in recently filed court documents – that he too is a person of interest in the murder case after a call was traced between his mobile number and a phone near the scene of the crime.

The first couple have not commented on the allegations.

In 2017, PM Thabane described the murder as a “senseless killing”. – BBC