Antipas satisfied

Joey Antipas

Snodia Mikiri, Sports Reporter

Chicken Inn coach Joey Antipas says he is now satisfied with transfer business, describing his new signings as ‘equally good players’.

The Gamecocks have brought in nine new players and Antipas said they are done.

“We are done with beefing up our squad, we have filled all our slots and there won’t be any major changes.

“The new players that I have roped in are adapting and coping well to what I want from them. We have roped in equally good players.


“They are doing great, their response is good and if they come to the party we will be unbeatable,” said Antipas.

He believes he has assembled a competitive squad that will fight for the championship in the upcoming 2020 season.

He said his replacements are equally good and can fill the voids left by the like of Clive Augusto who left the club.

“We have the next Augusto (Clive). We have roped in equally good replacements. We won’t struggle with goals; I am actually expecting more goals than we have last season.

“If the new players come to the party we will surely record a big margin scoring record as compared to last season.

“They are showing great indications and I believe we will be a team to beat. All I can say is we are going for a better spot.

“We have everything we need; we have depth in our last third. It will be more goals, stiff competition and better performance from us,” he added.

Meanwhile, Chicken Inn left Zimbabwe for Malawi yesterday.

They are set to participate in a four tournament friendly matches that will help them prepare for the 2020 season.

“We are leaving for Malawi today, in the afternoon. We are travelling with the full squad.


“The tournament will help me asses and fine tune the team. We are almost there,” he said.

Antipas has 29 players for the 2020 season.