Natasha wants own label

Zim Hip hop artiste Natasha Muromba, popularly known as Natasha Muz, wants to have her own record label as she is trying to push Zim Hip Hop so that it can be recognised worldwide.

H-Metro entertainment reporter ZOLANI NLEYA (ZN) caught up with Natasha Muz (NM) as she spoke about her music career and the struggles female artistes face in the industry.

ZN: Hello how are you?

NM: l am doing great.


ZN: How has been music lately?

NM: Music has been good cannot say much

ZN: Can you give us a brief background about yourself?

NM: Um Natasha Muromba.Natasha Muz.I live in Chitungwiza and am the second born in my family. I’m an artist n I do all types of genres

ZN: Which school did you go to?

NM: I attended different types of schools…Grade 1 n 2 was at Glenview number 8 then grade 3-6 was at Glenorah infill primary school. .Grade 7 I learned at Seke 8, Vimbai School in Chitungwiza.

Form 1 was at Seke 3 high there in chi town then Form 2 learned at Evlyn Girls high in Bulawayo. Then came back at H n I learnt at B n P study centre here in Chitown

ZN: Of all the genres why Zim hip hop?

NM: Zim hip hop has a unique sound n it gives you that remedy vibe that u start being yourself and express n even explore more of yourself. It’s a chose culture and I’m in love with it


ZN: How was your first studio session, do you remember it?

NM: Yea I do remember it well my first time in the studio was something else. I was scared even to reach the mic, the sound got me crazy and it was weird for me you know it was so majestic and real

ZN:How many albums and singles do you have to date?

NM: I have an only One Ep which has a 7 track Titled Queens Speech

ZN: Any awards so far?

NM: Yea I have won a couple of awards.

Won The Queen of Hip Hop Best female award winner in Zimbabwe 2018.Best Female in chi town 2017  and 2018.Best chorus award winner Changamire 2019 ,Best Female and Best album award winner Empire 263 2020

ZN: What are the challenges can you say you’re facing as a female artistes in the music industry?

NM: Trust me the industry it’s a male dominated thing so um trying my best to stand up for the females out there so we all can be heard


ZN: Is Natasha Muz taken?

NM: Yes l am taken.

ZN: (if yes) how supportive is your boyfriend?

NM:  He is very strict and supportive (laughs) he is always with me especially when lm doing shows, Studio staff and my interviews.

He has been always there for me and we are actually celebrating our first anniversary this month

ZN:  Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

NM: Well I see myself successful. Achieved all I wanted. My music career going big. Opening my own record label. Being a brand ambassador and inspiring all these upcoming young women n fight for women rights

ZN: What can you say about the current state of the game?

NM: Well there is too much competition and people are racing against one thing and some of us we going down because we do not know how to cooperate and work as unity so that we can put Zimbabwe on map. Its crazy man all I see is people fighting to get there and those ones who are also fighting to  win.

ZN: Given a free recording, which international artiste would you like to collaborate with?

NM: I would love to collaborate with Diamond Platinumz his skills are crazy -from his song lyrics and visuals too

ZN: locally which artiste do you think you would like to collaborate with?

NM: I would love to collaborate with upcoming artists both male and females these oans are doing great. Watch out

ZN: Your fashion sense who influenced it?

NM: Lol l created my own look but it was hard at first because Hip Hop is all about bling and fashion so it depends with the occasion.

ZN: who chooses outfits for you?

NM: My man does

ZN: How do you keep yourself fit?

NM: Well I do my rehearsals .jog and run sometimes listen to music and mostly go out to relax maybe at the grounds where there is an open ground so that l can listen to some of my works.

ZN: Of all your songs, which one is your favourite?

NM: Well I enjoy all my music and I love each one of my work

ZN:What advice would you give to someone new in the musical scene especially hip hop?

NM: I say yaal fella!!!! You need to get your grind on top n never listen to anyone who tells you stop. Kick them in the face and go on and on don’t stop .if I managed to make it. What makes you think you would not do it?

ZN: Special shout outs?

NM: Yea. Shout out to my fans supporting me all the way. Shout out to Dboimash The Next King .Team Legacy Iam Preezo all set 29 February at Mabvuku street hip hop tour 2020, West Syd, my city chi town and all radio stations who are making it possible for me to be here, I love you all. Thank you.